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Jo Atkinson

Jo’s love for sport started at a young age, inspired by the PE teachers she has both been taught by and worked with in primary and secondary schools. After studying PE at GCSE and A level, she then went on to study BSc Sport Science, during which she learnt about the implementation and maintenance of healthy active lifestyles, and how crucial it is to start this process at a young age.

A self confessed jack of all trades, Jo has competed in many different sports over the years, including representing Barnet at the London Youth Games, playing rugby for her university team, and has captained a local cricket team. She also enjoys rounders, netball, kayaking and skiing, and has the dubious honour of collecting injuries in almost every sport she has played.

Outside of work, Jo is an avid motorsport fan and will watch anything on wheels, and enjoys following Arsenal’s inevitable battle to top four in the league

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