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Non Stop Dance provides Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, Street Dance, Contemporary and Acro-Gymnastics for all students aged 3 – 18 years at our Finchley and Mill Hill Academies in North London.



Our teachers are professionally trained in the specific styles we offer. Our staff take part in Continuing Professional Development  throughout the year to maintain high quality teaching


We are members of the Royal Academy of Dance, the International Dance Teaching Association and the Acrobatic Arts organisation. We are very proud that we have achieved a 100% pass rate for all our dancers in their examinations


We provide multiple opportunities for performance through termly recitals, external shows and our bi-annual Dance Showcase for the whole academy which takes place in a professional theatre

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Hannah Wilkinson
- Dance Academy Manager

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Jennifer Vainella
Principal of Dance

Term Dates


Autumn Term 2022

Monday 5th September – 19th December
Tuesday 6th September – 13th December
Wednesday 7th September – 14th December
Thursday 8th September – 15th December
Saturday 10th September – 17th December
No classes on w/c 24th October (half term) and Mon 31st October (Staff Training)

All recitals will be on the last lesson of term for each individual class (TBC)

Provisional dates

Spring Term 2023: Spring Term 2023: Saturday 7th January – Saturday 1st April

Summer Term 2023: Saturday 22nd April – Saturday 15th July

Dance Showcase Date

July 2024 TBC

Classes & Timetable


Classical Ballet (RAD)

Developing the core principles of Classical Ballet technique following the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus.
Age Class Day Time Venue
3-4 yrs Twirling Tots Sat 9.00-9.45am Finchley
5-6 yrs Pre Primary Ballet Sat 9.45-10.30am Finchley
6-7 yrs Primary Ballet Sat 10.30-11.15am Finchley
8 yrs+ Grade 2 Ballet Sat 10.30-11.15am Finchley
9 yrs+ Grade 3 Ballet Sat 11.15-12.00pm Finchley
11 yrs+ Grade 5 Ballet Sat 11.15-12.00pm Finchley
13 yrs+ Intermediate Foundation Ballet Sat 12.45-1.45pm Finchley
15 yrs+ Senior Ballet Mon 6.00-7.00pm Mill Hill

Street Dance (IDTA)

An energetic class learning street and hip hop dance skills to popular music.
Age Class Day Time Venue
4-6 yrs Tiny Boppers Sat 9.00-9.45am Finchley
6-9 yrs Mini Movers Sat 9.45-10.30am Finchley
9-12 yrs Junior Street Dance Sat 10.30-11.15am Finchley
7-9 yrs Junior Street Dance Tues 5.30-6.30pm Mill Hill
13+ yrs Senior Street Dance Tues 6.30-7.30pm Mill Hill

Modern Jazz (IDTA)

Creative and dynamic classes that focus on posture, turns, jumps, leaps, strength and flexibility. Jazz Fusion will have a mix of jazz and contemporary technique, along with choreography for musical theatre.
Age Class Day Time Venue
7 yrs+ Junior Jazz Fusion Sat 12.00-12.45pm Finchley
12 yrs+ Senior Jazz Sat 12.00-12.45pm Finchley


Exploring Contemporary techniques, using expression, contact, improvisation and floor work.
Age Class Day Time Venue
10-13 yrs Contemporary Juniors Mon 6.00- 7pm Mill Hill
14 yrs+ Contemporary Seniors Mon 7.00- 8pm Mill Hill


Floor based gymnastic skills with a dance approach; developing tumbling skills, building strength and flexibility following the Acrobatic Arts syllabus.
Age Class Day Time Venue
3-5 yrs Acro Tots Sat 9.45-10.30am Finchley
6-8 yrs Tiny Tumblers Sat 11.15-12.00pm Finchley
6-9 yrs Acro Kats Thurs 5.30-6.30pm Mill Hill
9-11 yrs Gym Tigers Thurs 6.30-7.30pm Mill Hill
12 yrs+ Acro Squad Thurs 7.30-8.30pm Mill Hill



Finchley Academy:
Moss Hall Junior School,
Nether Street,
N3 1NR

Mill Hill Academy:
Millbrook Park Primary School,
School House Lane,


Our Performance Company has been formed to give promising and dedicated dancers the opportunity to perform on professional stages at public events. All selected dancers attend this class every Wednesday, in addition to their other regular academy classes,  to further develop their technique. Previous performance have taken place at Alexandra Palace, North London’s Got Talent, Barnet Dance Festivals and in Paris on the Disneyland Stage.

We are planning to take part in more exciting performances, from local community Christmas Fetes, Mardi Gras West End Stage performances as well as making a return at our biggest performance event yet… Disneyland Paris!

If you are interested in your child joining our performance company, please speak to our Dance Academy Manager.


All children are given the opportunity to take exams in Ballet, Jazz, Street Dance and Acro-Dance as they progress through our academy. We follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), the International Dance Teacher’s Association (IDTA) and Acrobatic Arts syllabus.

There is no pressure for children to take examinations, but we make them a positive experience, giving children confidence, a measure of progression and a sense of achievement for their hard work. We are proud of our 100% pass rate in all exams.



Throughout the year we give dancers the opportunity to perform, showcasing their talent and skills to family and friends in our academy recitals. This also allows parents to see their progression and the hard work that dancers put in to prepare for examinations.

Every other year, we hold our Academy Showcase, where all our dancers get the opportunity to perform on stage in a professional theatre. This is an exciting time for the dancers and teachers, from preparing routines to getting costumes ready and seeing everyone come together on stage

A Night at the Musicals - 2014

Dear Peter - 2016

Movie Madness - 2018


Dance uniform is essential for all students to allow freedom of movement and expression. It creates a sense of belonging and identity, encouraging discipline. It also facilitates high quality teaching and a fun environment which is enjoyable for all.

After the initial free trial, it is compulsory for students to wear our regulation uniform to each class. This uniform will also be used for official examinations and in our dance shows. We also ask that dancers take off all jewellery and have their hair neat and tidy. To purchase uniform, please speak to our staff at Academy or via our online shop.

Classical Ballet

Street Dance

Modern Jazz









Non Stop Action, Millbrook Park School, School House Lane, Mill Hill, London NW7 1JF

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